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Indian history by Rana Sanga

Bron : 12 April 1472, chittor, mewar    Died : 30 January 1528, kalpi.                  Father : Rana Raimal .                               Full name : maharana sangram Singh     House : sisodiya.                                                                             Maharana sangram Singh Commonly  known  as  Rana sanga,  was  the Rajput  rule  of  mewar,  which  was  located Within  the  geography   boundaries   of  the A   present    day   India ' s  Modern   state  of  Rajsthan.  He ruled between 1509 and 1527.                                              A scion of the sisodiya clan of  Suryavansi Rajput, Rana sanga succeeded his Father,  Rana  raimal,  as  king  of  mewar  in 1509.   He  fought against the  mughal, in the Battle of khanwa, which ended with mughal A  victory,   and   died   shortly thereafter  on       March 17, 1527.                                                               Prithiraj was subsequently banished From  the  fortified  capital   city   o

Indian history by Danvir Bhamashah

Bron : 1542.         Died : 1600 .            Success : jiwashah   Religion : Jainism.                          Bhama Shah was bron IN 1542 in Jain  family, his father bharmal kewedia was Qiledar  of  ranthambore fort  appointed  by  Rana  sanga  and was  later  prime  Minister  Under maharana udai Singh.                                                   Bahama shah was a great general, Adviser,  ministers  of mewar, who was late  Promoted  to post  of  primenister of mewar By maharana  pratap, to whom he served as  Close aide confident.                                                                               He along with his younger Brother tarachand fought in several  battles   For mewar. Fatrachand Who was four years  Younger  to  bhama  shah  was  also  an  able  Administrative,       valiant       fighter       and Commander the force of mewar  on  several Occasion like his elder brother bhama Shah.                        Broth of them were noted for their Statesmanship,  wa

Indian history by sambhaji maharajah

Bron : 14 may 1657, purandar front             Pine, gherapurandhar.         Died : 11 March 1689, tulapur-vadhu Dis. Pune                                            Father : Shivaji                                                  Mother : saibai.                                                  Religion : Hinduism .                                                           Sambhaji was bron at purandar Front  to   saibai,  shivaji's    first wife, his  Mother  died when  he  was two  years  old  and   he was raised by his  paternal  grand         Mother  jijabai.                                                                                        All the age of nine, smbhaji Was  sent to   live  with  Raja  jai  Singh   of Amer  as  a  political   hostage  to    ensure  Compliance of the treaty of purandar that  Shivaji had  signed  with  the  mughals  on  11  June   1665,  as   a  result  of  the  treaty, Sambhaji become a mughal mansabdar.               He and his father Shiv

Indian history by chhatrpati Shivaji maharajah

Bron : 19 February 1630 shivneri.     Died : 3 April 1680, Raigad front       Father : shahaji.                                     Mother : mata Jijabai.                           Religion : Hinduism.                                                   Shivaji maharajah was the warrior  King and famous  for  his  bravery,  tactics And    administrative    skills .  He  always, Focussed   on    swarajya  ,   and    Maratha    Heritage.                                                                                          He was the descendant of the 96    Maratha     clans     well     known     as  ' kashtrigas ' or brave fighters.                                                 He was the son shahaji bhosle And jijabai. He was  brought up at  Poona Under the supervision of his  mother  and Brahmin dadaji  konda-dev  who  made an                     Expert soldier.                                                                                              His administration w

Indian history by prithvi Raj chuhan maharajah

Bron : 1166, Gujarat. Died : 1192,Ajmer.    Father : someshvara  Mother : karpuradevi Religion : Hinduism.                       Prithvi Raj Chauhan was the king Of     the    Chauhan    dynasty    whose    rule Extended to parts of presents day Rajasthan, Haryana, Dehlia and some parts of  madhay Pradesh and uttar Pradesh.                                                    He is also hailed as the last Rajput King  to  rule  Dehlia    before   the   mushlim Conquest of the Indian subcontinent.                                       Prithvi Raj was a valiant king and His   glory  surged  to  new  heights  after  he Defeated   Muhammad  ghori,  the  sultan  of Ghurid empire in the first battle of tarain.                                    Legend has it that ghori attacked Dehlia 17 times, and was  defeated 16  times At the hands of prithvi Raj Chauhan and  his Army.                                                                                             Soon enough, the herole tales o